Spray Painting New Steel

When getting ready for spray painting steel, the surface will require a different preparation to that of say wood, fibreglass or aluminium. Each material has its own unique properties and will require both different methods

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Give Your Boat Those Beautiful Straight Lines

When you look at a brand new finished boat, the lines are sleek and smooth, the hull is flat and streamline and the entire craft just has a very majestic look about it. And that’s

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Direct To Metal 2 Pack Paint Systems Have Their Uses

Painting any surface requires both preparation and a primer undercoat before the top coat is applied to create an effective and long-lasting result. This is particularly true when it comes to tricky metal surfaces. Having

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Best Practices When Spray Painting An Aluminium Boat

Not all surfaces are created equal, therefore different surfaces will require a different preparation before spray painting can take place. For example, a timber or fibreglass surface is entirely different to that of a metal

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Single Pack Spray Painting

When it comes to spray painting a car or a boat, people will often go the single pack paint route for both its simplicity in application and also the cheaper price tag. But is it worth

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Flight Marine

Today there are a number of methods used to strip paint from cars, boats, planes and other equipment. Some applications are better suited than others, depending on what it is you are stripping and what the

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