Direct To Metal 2 Pack Paint Systems Have Their Uses

July 5, 2017
Direct To Metal 2 Pack Paint Systems Have Their Uses

Painting any surface requires both preparation and a primer undercoat before the top coat is applied to create an effective and long-lasting result. This is particularly true when it comes to tricky metal surfaces.

Having said that, there is a 2 pack DTM (Direct To Metal) paint system that can be applied to bare metal without a primer, as the primer is already mixed in with the finish coat to make a one-coat system.

What are the possible applications for this paint and when should it be used?

Spray Painting On A Budget

If money really is an issue with getting the job done, then a DTM 2 pack paint system can be the solution. The metal surface will still have to be properly prepared, but you can forgo the time and added expense of a primer coat and spray the DTM paint directly onto the bare metal for a one-coat, one-application finish. The results are not going to be quite as good as doing a dedicated primer coat, sanding and then spray painting with 2 pack epoxy, but it will still get the job done on a budget and the results are acceptable.

Touch Ups After Repair

If an area of metal has needed to be repaired, say a broken weld or an area of corrosion on machinery, then the DTM paint system can be employed to quickly touch up the repaired area. This makes the job quick and easy with the finish still looking good.

Other Possible Uses For DTM 2 Pack Paint Systems

Often times the metal surfaces to be painted don’t have to look fantastic, and this is where a Direct To Metal 2 Pack Spray Painting System can really come into its own. A few examples would be:

  • Trusses and structural frames for factories and warehouses
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Areas of exposed metal that you just want to protect from the elements with a minimum of fuss
  • The sub frame under a car

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