Essential Items You Should Have on Your Boat, Every Time You Head Out

June 5, 2018

Every boatie loves spending time on their boat. However, it is very easy to get carried away and forget some essentials that you should always have on board. The experienced and boat savvy team here at Flight Marine has come up with this handy list of items that you should always keep around whenever you go sailing. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Personal Floatation Devices
This is pretty self-explanatory but still worth mentioning. No boat should ever leave the docks without the appropriate number of personal floatation devices or life jackets. If an accident occurs and you go over, these devices will potentially save your life.

When you’re on the water, it is absolutely vital that you know exactly where you are and exactly where you intend to go at all times. An excellent way of making sure you are always aware of your location is using a GPS.

First Aid Kit
Having a first aid kit on board is very important. Accidents can occur at any time and since you’re on the water, you won’t be able to professional medical help immediately. So, it is best to carry a first aid kit as a safety precaution.

Carry lots of fresh water on board each time you head out. Water can save you from dehydration in times of need and it can also be used to clean a wound. There really is no alternative to water for these purposes.

If you get stranded on your boat, the best way to attract the attention of passers-by is to use a flare. Carrying a flare gun in your boat is a very good idea.

Besides keeping these essential items on board at all times, keeping your boat looking and performing at peak levels is also vital. Sandblasting and boat painting are great ways of maintaining the exterior of your boat. If you’re looking for an experienced team on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane to paint your boat, look no further than Flight Marine. Our skilled team can help you with all your boat painting needs.