Spray Painting New Steel

September 5, 2017
Spray Painting New Steel

When getting ready for spray painting steel, the surface will require a different preparation to that of say wood, fibreglass or aluminium. Each material has its own unique properties and will require both different methods and products to prepare it for priming and spray painting with a top coat. So let’s take a look at how best to prepare a steel surface before spray painting can take place, as the last you will want to have to do is strip the paint back and start all over again.

Degrease First

Steel should first be degreased with an appropriate degreaser. Use a clean cloth dampened with a solvent, clean small areas of the steel surface at a time, then wipe over with a second cloth. Once the steel surface has been degreased you can move onto the next stage.

Moss and Mould

If any of this is present, then it should be treated with a moss and mould remover. For paint to adhere well to a steel surface, the steel has to be very clean and meticulously prepared.

Hand Or Power Tool Prep

This process can be useful for spot touch ups on areas affected by corrosion, mill scale or any other foreign matter that will mar the finish.


Not only will sandblasting remove contaminants and rust, it also creates a finish on the steel surface that the application of paint can adhere too. If the surface contains any contaminants at all, it will compromise the finished paint job, either by causing the paint to bubble or flake away when dry.

Sandblasting will also remove rust and corrosion, mill scale left over from the manufacturing process, dust and other debris. New steel should be sandblasted until it looks almost white. Without preparing a new steel surface properly, there is a good chance that when spray painted, the new paint will not last as long as it should and the process will have to be repeated. Only with a repaint, the old paint will then have to be removed as well before the rest of the preparation and spray painting can take place.

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